Cat was dead after 30 minute wash in appliance until given kiss of life

Rae Sutton’s cat, Tiggy, had jumped into her washing machine and endured a 30 minute wash and spin dry. Rae discovered him in the appliance with the spun dry clothes at her home in Bilston, West Midlands. Rae said:

“He was dead when I pulled him out…I was hysterical, I ran outside screaming before sitting down on the sofa with him in my arms. Then I saw his mouth open and I began to give him mouth-to-mouth, gently, while massaging his stomach. It went on for about 20 minutes. Then all of a sudden, his stomach started going up and down. I went mad and called up John, my husband, was we went to the vets.”

The staff at Bilston Veterinary Clinic treated Tiggy with oxygen. Mr and Mrs Sutton were able to take Tiggy home after two hours.

The owner of the clinic, Steve Mullander, said Tiggy’s survival was a miracle.

Mrs Sutton said:

“He’s grounded from now on. I’m not letting him out of my sight again”.

Comment: a testament to the durability of the domestic cat and the tender love shown to them by caring owners. It is also reminds us how easy it is for domestic cats to crawl into the nice, smelly clothes in the washing machine and for cat owners to forget about this possibility when going about their day-to-day routine tasks.

Associated post: A nasty sadistic but pretty Chinese girl killed her cat in a washing machine. She filmed it and uploaded the video to social media. Can you believe it? She has yet to be caught and charged as she lives in China.

Source: Times hard copy newspaper.

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