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funny catWhen you think of a Cat Website Directory, you might think of a very long list of websites.

Yes, there are a lot of websites that feature cats. But there are few cat websites that deal exclusively with cats in general and which are independent (i.e. not a website of a manufacturer or one of the big boys like Yahoo).

I thought that there would be a lot more than I found. In order to produce a meaningful Cat Website Directory I have limited it to the best cat websites. There are an untold number of unranked cat websites or blogs, but are they really useful?

I have selected sites that pass this test:

  1. an Alexa ranking under 1,000,000. For those who don’t know, is a web based business providing a service. They rank websites by the amount of traffic the website receives and its “reach” meaning the range of visitors geographically. There are about 56m websites so anything above 1m is in the top 1.7%. It signifies that it has some traffic and has a degree of permanency.
  2. the site must be exclusively about cats – I changed my mind on this because I couldn’t find enough…so some of the sites selected do cover pets but they are good enough to do so and still cover cats well
  3. they load at a reasonable speed
  4. they are “functional” meaning they are more than froth and fluff – real and meaningful with readily usable information
  5. they are independent – I changed my mind on this too as I couldn’t find enough. But the no-independent ones selected make up for not meeting this criterion by being good in terms of cat information.

When I look at the list it does seem a rather strange mix but I have been through the cat sites at DMOZ (the No.1 open directory owned by Google) and Google’s list on a search. Plus I have added from my own list having surfed the net a hell of a lot over the past 4 months. You have to do a lot of surfing on cat sites and related sites if you run a cat website.

I have also by the way excluded breeders’ sites as they deal with one breed or a narrow band of breed types and you can find those sites by typing in the breed name into Google. However, for example, if you type in “cats” into Google you do not come up with the best cat websites, definitely not. Yahoo answers may seem a strange selection but the people who provide answers and the people who ask the questions are real people with real experience and this gives this site real validity.

I haven’t provided links in an effort to keep you on my website 🙂 !

Here is the list – top 20 + 2 and growing.

Cat Website Directory Top 20 sites + 2 (and growing)

This was the Purina site. Link broken Nov.2012

There is one site that is probably not wide ranging enough to be on my list but it is a nice site and the person who runs it is very honest. Got to mention it –

Cat website directory to home page

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