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  1. Shadow is so happy now the backyard fence is complete and all escape places covered. Lol. This is her time to be outside with no outfit and just be a cat…. digging in the dirt and rolling in the grass

    • Good to hear Debbie. Very loving and well done. I sense Shadow is happy despite her disability. It is an argument for caring for disabled cats but many cat shelters euthanize cats for much less.

  2. poor baby….its hard to loose a pet owning it one day or many years
    a couple of my friends said I should put Shadow down because it isnt natural for cats to wear a harness and wheels….I struggled with that for about a minute….I will do what I can for her for as long as it gives her quality of life and no pain

  3. To say people use wheelchairs for a cat for their own reasons is laughable….I have a cat with Manx Syndrome ….I didnt know it till after I got her….I looked up everything out there available to help my kitten….We went from preemie diapers and onesies to hold the diaper on to now a 3 month baby onesie and a panty liner…again this was for her not me….she is healthy and loving and adjusted to her fate….baths every second day….washed after every changing….she is now losing the strenght in her hind legs…this is part of her disability…she will now be fitting for her wheelchair….it amazes me that dogs can be fitted for everything and cats are the throw away pets….I will not end her life because it is inconvenient to care for her…

    • Thank you so much for your comment. This is the tiny girl that I found dragging herself through the brush. Both back legs were paralyzed.
      Sadly, she didn’t survive due to severe dehydration. But, during those few days, I was configuring a sort of wheelchair for her.
      Like you, the thought of putting her down because she was disabled never came into play.

  4. Not all cats become paralyzed due to being outdoors and injured. I just found out my precious indoor only cat has a progressive rare neurological condition called syringohydromyelia. His spinal cord has pockets that are collecting CSF and pressing on his spine especially the part involving his hind legs. He is having weakness and difficulty walking on his hind legs. They will eventually become completely paralyzed even though he is on medicine to slow down the CSF production. He is only 6 years old and he is the center of my universe. I am heartbroken, but thank goodness these items exist because I will certainly have him fitted with a mobility cart when the time comes!

    • Oh, dear, I feel sorry for you Kathy and your cat. It must be incredibly difficult to see and be part of that degenerating process. I wish you and your cat the best of luck for the future.

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