Cat who went missing during road trip from Colorado to Florida has been found

Oskar is a ginger beauty who went missing during a road trip from Colorado to Florida when his owners stopped for the night in Nebraska. This weekend he’ll be reunited with his family.

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Oskar went missing on August 10 and was last seen at the Quality Inn & Suites in North Platte. Owners Alex and Christina said Oskar got out of the room while they were staying overnight as they were traveling from Colorado to Florida.

The couple put up flyers and immediately contacted pet rescues to help them. They stayed for a day then had to continue on their way without their cat.

On November 27, Oskar showed up to eat at DeJa Vu Treasures when shop owner Vicky Simpson stopped by to feed some feral cats who ate near her business. She noticed the collar on a cat who came to eat and decided to follow up. Vicky stated in an interview

“Something just seemed odd. Something just kept telling me that I should call that number.”

The emergency contact number started with a ‘9’ and Vicky thought that odd since the ginger kitty was so far from home.

Jen (I was unable to understand her last name) is the administrator for the Facebook page Lost Paws. She created and shared lost cat posts and is assisting with Oskar’s care before he leaves. Jen says it overwhelming how well Oskar did on his own these past four months.

A volunteer will be driving Oskar to Denver where his owner will fly in to meet them.

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  1. Elisa Black-Taylor

    If anyone knows the last names of those involved in Oskar’s adventure, please leave them in the comment section so I can add them to the article.

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