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Cat Wins SPCA (Los Angeles) National Hero Dog Award — 5 Comments

  1. Tara is proof that Cats rule and dogs drool.

    Although it’s sad that Scrappy’s owners were irresponsible and allowed him to run loose. I would never make light of such misfortune.

  2. This is great. What would it be like to have SPCA designate a National Award for CATS? There have been many cats who have done and continue to do outstanding things that have to do with protecting humans. I guess what makes this unique is that it was taped.

  3. Good to see Tara get her recognition. That video was a sight to see. I was amazed at the dog lovers who claimed that there was something else going on, that we didn’t see the entire story and that it somehow had to be the child’s fault that Scrappy attacked. The video definitely proved otherwise. Tara was not going to tolerate that dog attacking her boy.

    Scrappy was very aggressive with Animal Control when they came to pick him up. They saw he was vicious and they dealt with him accordingly.

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