Cat with 5 inch paws kills five pet cats

Big cat Cornwall
Mystery big cat Cornwall
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Cornwall, UK: they are in a frenzy. Rumours are spreading and the police are saying that it could be true. Cats have been reported missing. A dog was mauled. There is talk of a predator stalking Callington in Cornwall, UK. A large paw print was taken from a garden after an animal attack.

Mystery big cat pawprint
Mystery big cat pawprint. Photo: James Stephenson.

A young man, aged 23, claimed that he had a face-to-face encounter with a mysterious cat with 5 inch paws. He stared into the cat’s eyes which advanced towards him despite his efforts to scare it away. Mr Stephenson, lives with his mother. He said that their two dogs are terrified to go out into the garden since the attack on his Labrador, Marley, leaving gashes and claw marks.

The cat has been described as a panther. The word “panther” is a generic term normally meaning a black jaguar and can also mean a puma (mountain lion).

Four or five pet cats are also said to have gone missing.

“Something has some of our larger poultry, enclosed in Harris fencing.. And it was big enough that mum and dad wouldn’t go down the field. It made a horrific noise,” said Chloe Read on Facebook.

The police said that they had received a single report of a big cat sighting in the Callington area. They asked for sightings to be reported on the 101 non-emergency number.

They also said:

“We were called on the morning of Friday, March 29, by a resident of a property near Harrowbarrow who claimed that a panther had been in the garden and attacked their dog the night prior, and later seen with another animal in its mouth. An officer attended the property and located the footprints in the garden. We called the RSPCA for advice and took a cast of the print, which they confirmed was the pad of a large cat.”

The RSPCA said:

“Our officer attended after reports that a Labrador had been scratched by a large, black cat. Thankfully the dog is fine, although he has scratch marks, and the owner is taking precautions to keep an eye on the dog in case of further sightings. We will continue to monitor the situation.”

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