Cat with a hat rather than ears and odd-eye colour

This is a purebred cat that looks as if they are wearing a hat and that they do not have any ears but they do have odd-eye colour! The simple explanation is that this is a longhaired Scottish Fold which I believe has been bred in Tomsk, Russia by Inga Severskaya.

A cat with a hat rather than ears and odd eyes
A cat with a hat rather than ears and odd eyes
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Other than the flat-to-the-skull ear flaps (a trademark of the Scottish Fold), the two other main features of this cat namely the dark hair on the head, which looks like a cap, and the odd-eye colour can be explained quite straightforwardly. This cat has Turkish Van markings which classically include a white body with inverted V-shaped dark fur marking on the forehead and a dark tail.

The odd-eye colour has happened because this is a white cat. The white-spotting gene or piebald gene sometimes removes the colour from one eye as well as from the hair strands (white fur is fur without pigmentation). The blue of one eye is caused by the refraction of light through the cornea and lens. There is not blue pigmentation in the iris. It’s the colour that we see in kittens before they have developed their eye colour.

Another slightly odd aspect of this cat is that he or she is very cobby meaning very rounded and stocky (see cat body shape for more). This is not the classic shape of a Scottish Fold. How do we explain that?

It can only be explained by the selective breeding of the breeder. And she seems to have gone off track slightly. That is my impression. The appearance of this cat is described as being “of medium size, never massive or cobby; it is semi-cobby in type.”

As I’ve stated this cat is too cobby per the usual breed standards in America. Perhaps the body shape of this cat is more acceptable under the breed standard pertaining to Russian breeders which is the WCF. However, I would expect them to have similar breed standards to the CFA and TICA and the other American cat associations.


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