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Cat with a Sinister Smile (photo) — 23 Comments

  1. He does look sinister but its just the way you’ve caught him 🙂 he’s gorgeous though not sinister and he’s so lucky to have you 🙂

  2. Michael, my dear friend had a Moma cat who had to part with her litter. well-I gave her one of my kittens a 3 month old male named Felix black with a white star on his forehead. I called a few weeks later to see how he was getting along and my friend said just fine, Felix and Moma kitty are rummaging thru the toybox and she is pulling out things for them to play with together? Well, I was floored but calmly asked how she knew that. She said I hear them going thru the box.Her Moma kitty had adopted him and they have the same routine everyday , picking out their own toys. I don’t know about you but my cats will not retrieve a mouse anymore; let alone go shopping together. LoL but a true story. Amazing * Right *?? Eva

    • Lovely story Eva. Gabriel loses his toys all the time and he has lost a miniature snow leopard I have (a mini-plush toy). He carted it off like prey from my desk and it is hidden somewhere. I swear I can’t find it.

  3. Gabriel is cute, but I think Merlin is up to something Fishy ?_Maybe he had a dream and that fish tank is to blame for his mischievous thoughts?
    Eva say’s_

    • Eva, maybe Merlin was up to something fishy (lol).

      I wondered if his look of contempt had anything to do with me expecting him to enjoy the Fling-ama-string toy hanging off the door handle (lol). That was a complete waste of money which ended up being consigned to the bin.

      • Michael, I like that photo because the “ghost” tabby markings are clearly visible. (I’ve never seen a melanistic Bengal in person, but I bet they are beautiful.)

        • Yes, they are. Robinson’s Genetics mentions these:

          Non-agouti – aa

          …The underlying tabby pattern is often revealed in the coat……under certain circumstances because of the small remaining inhibitory power of the mutant agouti gene…..

          The flash light has revealed the ghost tabby pattern.

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