Cat with disappointed face

This is an interesting looking feline face. It has a certain character to it and his owner says that he always looks disappointed. He is not disappointed. He just looks like it. This reminds me that we should never judge a book by its cover. The misleading appearance applies to people all the time. Don’t prejudge someone from their appearance. You might be right but you might also be badly wrong.

Cat with disappointed face
Cat with disappointed face. Photo: Dave M.
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There are many well know domestic cats with faces that have a fixed expression. Grumpy Cat is the paradigm example. The Chartreux purebred cat with the fixed smile is another example. There are many successors to Grumpy Cat but not as commercially successful. No cat will be as successful financially as Grumpy Cat.

This is the first example I have met of a domestic cat with a disappointed expression. He has a really nice face. I wonder if he really is disappointed after all? It would be extraordinary if he was.


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