Cat with split grey and black face has one grey and one black kitten

In 2018 Narnia hit the internet celebrity scene. He was the latest “two-faced” feline at that time and different because it was grey and black fur. He was born on March 28 2017 at the home of Chatterie de la Grâce in Paris. I believe that he is a British Shorthair.

Narnia is unusual for a cat of this type. He is not a chimera (the cells contain two types of DNA) but has a face which is split down the middle between grey and black fur. Chimeras are thought to be the result of two embryos fusing together – the merging of identical twins.

His human guardian says that Narnia is a mystery to scientists. But we are also told that in male cats this appearance is due to an extra X chromosome being present at the embryo stage. He also has blue eyes; rare for black cats and usually seen on white or bicolour (white and another colour) cats. He was from Paris and now lives in Britain.

He has fathered two kittens that have taken their colouring from each side of his face. The black cat’s white markings are a mirror of those on her father. They are Pheonix and Prada. They were born last year. Pheonix, the grey, has been adopted. Prada, the black with a white spot, has a new home to go to shortly.

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