Cat With Three Tails? No.

If you search for ‘cat with three tails’ you’ll find the video that you see below but you will also see other pictures and videos of cats dscribed as having three tails. I am sure that Sarah Hartwell would be able to explain this with reference to cat anatomy and biology.

In the meantime I’m going to explain it in a common sense manner. This is not a three tailed cat. There is one tail and on either side there is either matted fur which has become elongated to look like tails or this is a variation on the winged cats that we have seen in the past (the more likely explanation).

For me, this calico cat that we see with “three tails” is suffering from the same hereditary condition (congenital condition) that winged cats suffer from. It is a condition of the connective tissue which lacks tensile strength and becomes elongated to look like a wing or in this instance like a tail. It occurs on both sides of the body symmetrically it seems.

To recap and to restate, this is not a three tailed cat but a cat with an inherited condition called Feline Cutaneous Asthenia (FCA).

Here is the video. Strong note: over time emebedded videos from YouTube disappear because Google deletes them by the many thousands. So don’t be surpised if the video has disappeared!

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