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Cat with Watermelon – uncomfortable places to sleep — 12 Comments

  1. Sometimes, I have to resist changing their positions while thay are asleep. They make me cringe, but they are snoring away. Heads hanging over counters, cramming themselves into small boxes, or like this little guy, after exploring the trash bin, just fell asleep inside.
    It’s amazimg.

  2. For the welfare of cat or liking/disliking of a cat,


    This is the main formula Michael, thank you for the article <3

  3. @Eva: lol

    I think they sleep like that because they are built differently and it feels good. I sleep on a very broken couch with my head about a 70 degree angle due to my back and neck injuries. It’s heaven to me. One of the kids layed there and was in severe discomfort. Thank heaven for my couch!

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