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  1. I had to surrender my cat to the local shelter because of this. Her nose was all bloody, peices of it looked like it was even falling off. She wasn’t even a year old yet. I wish I had the money for a vet.. I just couldnt have her around my other cats. The lady that looked at her said to disinfect everything & just hope the others don’t get sick. I hated the way they took her from me. My cat gave me this look like she was wondering why I was handing her over to a stranger. It breaks my heart…

  2. I picked up a desperate looking tiny female one hot afternoon who was walking in the middle of the road with an occasional car zooming by.

    She acted as my long lost friend. I called her stinky and brought her to a friend who does a lot of farming and told him he should take her. No, I have 8 males, no space for a sickly looking female. Safe to bring home to my home as I had 12, well thought it was ok, I had an 18 year old a 4 year old, 2 year old and and 8 babies, she being the 12th in total.

    Well, I had only had 3 at the most cats or any pet just 2 months prior so? what’s one more? well 2 weeks later all my adult cats were walking around with raw flesh for noses and I was flippin out, all 12 were brought to the vet clinic pronto at my farmers friends expense and were given high doses of antibiotics and within a couple weeks sadly Stinky who was very ill, passed away although her nose was fine.

    She was very old, i discovered from the vet, and was maybe a tough little barn cat that wandered too far and in the heat drank something she should not of.

    I have to think she had fun. My vet did not know where this disorder came from? but assumed because only the adult caught this disorder the stray deposited the virus into the food / water bowl or litter box. the kittens had soft canned food and were fed away from the adults. otherwise they played and crawled on her and mingled with her until the day she passed. all the others recovered 100% The treatments were daily for a while I cannot recall the amount of days but I have not heard of this happening before, and I have no idea how your animals contracted it, unless like this little lady could have been a bug bite, or bird or mouse she ate?

    she was in a very sandy dry area with swamp pockets, a lot of mosquitoes and frogs, spiders and beetles. It was early June when I found her. It came on quick and one morning after only a week at most of her being there, I woke up and my cats greeted me with flaps of their noses hanging off it was sad and scary and gross all at the same time. exposed white nasty moist looking skin, similar to say a scab falling off too early. YuK!

    • I’ll look into this. It is interesting to me. It seems like a particularly nasty viral infection that also created a secondary bacterial infection which attacked the fabric of the nose. Sound horrible.

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