Cat Writer’s Association President Lorie Huston, DVM has died

Dr Lorie Huston
Dr Lorie Huston
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This week we lost a compassionate animal lover, veterinarian, blogger and social media consultant. Cat Writer’s Association President Dr. Lorie Huston has died. Lorie was probably best known as President of Cat Writer’s Association, an organization promoting journalism founded to encourage professionalism among cat writers, photographers, artists and broadcasters. Her role as leader of CWA was only one role of many that made up who Lorie was. Her friends describe her as a person who never had an unkind word about anyone.

Lorie died September 30 in her home state of Nebraska at her home. Her death has come as a shock, and has rocked the social media cat community. Lorie was a busy lady. Not only was she a veterinarian for the last 25+ years, she also wrote for The Pet Health Care Gazette, was an writer as the National Pet Health Examiner, wrote a weekly column for PetMD, and maintained the pet health care websites Canine Health Care Corner and Feline Health Care Corner. Lorie also assisted CATalyst Council with their social media outreach. All of this while working as a veterinarian at Hoffman Veterinary Clinic in Providence, Rhode Island.

Lorie attended the University of Nebraska, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree. She then went on to attend Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine, where she received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1986. Shortly after receiving her doctorate, Lorie moved to Rhode Island.

Lorie’s LinkedIn profile describes her animal-oriented mission

“I have developed a strong desire to help pet owners keep their pets healthy by educating them on the various health care strategies which can protect pets against infectious diseases, parasites, and other dangers. To that end, in addition to my work as a veterinarian, I also do a great deal of writing on a variety of pet care topics.”

Lorie received many awards for her work, one of the most recent being the Winn Feline Media Appreciation Award, created to thank journalists who support and promote awareness of feline cat health.

Lorie was also a rescuer of cats. She leaves behind Lilly, Midge, Rusty, Dillon, Rhette and Merlin. Lilly is a tripod Lorie decided to save after being mauled by a dog. Dillon, Rhette and Merlin were abandoned at her clinic. Rusty was brought in by animal control, and Lorie fell in love with him, adopting the sweet kitty after she healed him.

I learned of Lorie’s death on Tuesday, when word went out pleading for help with her cats. Without their mom, where would they go. Cat lovers who knew of Lorie’s dedication are making sure all of her cats get the best of homes.

I’m not sure whether she had a health condition, or whether her death came unexpected. There are many in the animal rescue world with health issues, and we only learn of them after they have passed away. Rescuers tend to stay focused on helping animals, and don’t include the drama of their own health problems.

Rest in peace, Lorie. You will truly be missed. No information is available at this time as to funeral arrangements.

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