Catastrophically Neglected Dilute Calico Persian (happy ending)

The first photo will make you scratch your head trying to decide what it is and what’s going on.

Neglected persian cat
“Look at her ribs showing . Seraphina is a sweet girl . She is such a tiny, gentle girl.
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This is a story reported by The Arrow Fund yesterday. The Arrow Fund provides medical treatment to animals in Kentucky who have been the victims of torture or extreme forms of abuse and neglect. This story has been reported elsewhere.

The organisation took into their care a dilute calico Persian weighing a mere 4 pounds, half the average weight of a domestic cat. Sadly, this precious little cat had been severely neglected. She had internal and external parasites. Her coat was covered in faeces and urine, a sure signs of catastrophic neglect. The photograph below shows the coat after it had been removed from the cat because no doubt it was impossible to clean. I’m sure that the parasites can be eliminated in time with proper treatment.

The Arrow Fund have named her ‘Seraphina’. Courtney Gray will be fostering Seraphina when she gets out of veterinary hospital. She will also transport her.

We don’t know any more about this little female cat. The appearance of her face is very sad to see. She has the classic flat-face of a modern Persian cat. She must have been bred and I wonder if the breeder neglected this cat. I’d also like to know if anyone has followed up and considered informing the police about this. Isn’t this a breach of animal welfare laws in Kentucky? The flat face of the Persian causes health problems in respect of breathing and it also causes tear duct overflow. Persian cats often suffer from PKD1 — Polycystic Kidney Disease and I regret to say other health issues so it is sad to add to this list serious neglect.

The Arrow Fund say that they were able to help Seraphina because they have a foster care setup and they would like people to be considered as foster carers for their cats to please come forward if you are able. You can see an application for a foster carer on their website.

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