World-renowned philosopher says that having sex with animals is okay

Peter Singer

This story comes as a bit of a shock. Nathan Winograd, American’s expert on the animal sheltering industry, has emailed me with an in-depth and lengthy argument against the proposition that bestiality (sex with animals) is acceptable; an idea that comes from a very highly respected animal advocate and animal rights activist who wrote …

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4 U.S. states where bestiality is not a crime

Defining bestiality

As of June 2021, the US states of Hawaii, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Wyoming did not have laws against bestiality according to Cornell Law School (wrong? Please tell me in a comment). I found this extraordinary. Amazing. If there is not criminal law against bestiality it is not a crime per se. If …

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Is bestiality illegal in India?

Anti-zoophilia symbol

Perhaps the question is rude and unpleasant but I’m asking it because I bumped into the answer on the Internet. And this site is about cats and animals in general. Having sex with a domestic cat would probably kill the cat but having sex with a domestic dog probably wouldn’t injure the dog but …

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