By today’s standard Chinese artist of the medieval era depicted the cat poorly

Medieval cat painting from China

This is a topic that interests me: how artists of the mediaeval era depicted domestic cats in their paintings. And I’m sure that they felt that they were painting an accurate representation of the domestic cat before them. But by today’s standards they are quite poor for one reason: they humanised them. They painted …

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‘Blind boxes’ containing 70 barely weaned kittens dumped in Shanghai

Bling box craze in China is cruel and callous and is rooted in a bad attitude towards animal welfare

NEWS AND COMMENT – SHANGHAI, CHINA: The blind box craze in China feeds on entirely the wrong attitude of the consumers who regard an animal companion as a toy. This is the craze which sends pets in boxes to purchasers by mail order. They have no idea what they are buying. It is a …

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