Emirati Man Who Tortured a Cat is Punished in Accordance with Tenets of Islam Faith

Cat cruelty Dubai

You may have seen the story of the Emirati1 man in Dubai who uploaded a gruesome video showing a cat being fed to his hungry dogs. In the most arrogant and callous manner the man was filmed encouraging his two dogs to attack and kill the cat who was pulled from a cage. The …

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Australia Still Searching for Ways to Deal with their Feral Cats

For several years, in full public view on the Internet, the Australian authorities have been searching for ways to bring the feral cat on their continent under their control. They want to eradicate the feral cat and have put forward ambitious plans to kill millions but time and again it has dawned upon them …

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Saudi Men Torturing Cats

I forget how I stumbled upon these two examples of Saudi men torturing street cats. There seems to be quite a few street cats in Saudi Arabia. My research indicates a callous attitude towards feral cats in line with what Ahsan says about the attitude of many Pakistanis in Pakistan towards their feral cats. …

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