cats in emergencies

Gothic rescue of drenched kitten stuck in a tree troubles me

The music has a Gothic flavour and it looks somehow artificial. It looks staged to me but how can I…

7 days ago

Tabby cat survives for two months inside a shipping container

This story is all over the Internet as might be expected because it is an extraordinary example of how the…

2 weeks ago

Massive lighting strike panics cat (video)

This is a very unusual video. It shows a massive lightning strike which shattered a tree causing very large wood…

2 months ago

Young ginger tabby cat fished from the ocean!

A young ginger tabby cat was seen swimming in the ocean, in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of…

2 months ago

How can I make my cat sick (vomit)?

A cat owner might want to make their cat vomit to prevent poison absorption. I think this is quite technically…

4 months ago

Video of 24 cats being rescued from very hot car in California

NEWS/VIEWS - ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA: The video is interesting and not hard to watch. I don't want to dwell on the…

5 months ago

Picture of pet cats and owners wearing face masks during 1918 Spanish flu pandemic

What goes around comes around. The arguments currently raging about whether it is wise to wear face masks during the…

5 months ago

Flown to UK: cats and dogs abandoned in Cyprus because of coronavirus

Companion cats and dogs have been abandoned on the island of Cyprus over fears they may spread Covid-19.

6 months ago

North American animal shelters are in difficulties

The online news regarding animal shelters in North America indicates quite severe difficulties are being encountered by some of them…

6 months ago

Shy cat living with elderly woman forced to approach neighbour to raise the alarm

This is the story of Sylvester. If he is still alive he would be approaching about the age of 20…

8 months ago