San Francisco SPCA asked for donations and received $162,000 in 3 days!

Cats and dogs need reuniting with owners after rescue from Calif wildfires

The amount raised went up $300 during the time it took me to write this post. The target was $100,000. This is awesome and demonstrates the generosity of kind hearted people concerned with the welfare of companion animals lost and … please continue reading

Peaches, the ginger tabby, rides shotgun in RV on return home after Camp Fire evacuation

FB - Peaches rides shotgun in RV on return home from Camp Fire evacuation

This is a cute picture of Peaches riding ‘shotgun’ in the words of the San Francisco Chronicle journalist, Sarah Ravani. It was taken by Santiago Mejia of The Chronicle. Peaches is on the shoulder of her human companion,Richard Tafalla, as … please continue reading

Picture of Robert Simmons and his kitten rescued from flooding during Hurricane Florence

Robert Simmons and kitten rescued from flooding in N. Carolina

Great pictures of Robert Simmons and his kitten named ‘Survivor’ from flooding due to Hurricane Florence in New Bern, North Carolina have been taken by Andrew Carter. We are told by The Times that New Bern has been devastated by … please continue reading