Rescuer stated ‘This cats owner called me and told me she was going to do something harmful to her cat and that he’d be found dead somewhere soon…’

cat rescued

This is an article I’m using the ‘copy and paste’ technique because it’s quite long. It’s an excellent example of how cat (and dog) rescues are treated on a daily basis when an irresponsible cat owner wants to get rid … please continue reading

Cat person rescued a puppy on the roadside and became a cat and dog person

Larry being taken to his forever home

The story unfolds on the woman’s Twitter webpage. Her Twitter username is Tegan G. We don’t have her real name. She works for the Marine Corps in, apparently, the public affairs department. She lives in North Wisconsin, USA. She was … please continue reading

Animal shelter sent live animals to vet school for euthanasia and dissection

CAA animal shelter at Baton Rouge embroiled in scandalous accusations

“This is a huge issue… They’re not trash, they’re pets.” – Desiree Bender. Accusations of scandalous behavior have been made against an animal shelter in East Baton Rouge Parish causing turmoil. A spokeswoman, Ginger Guttner, for the Louisiana State University … please continue reading