Egyptair disastrously messed up transportation of rescue cats to the USA when they smashed cat carriers

Smashed carrier carrying one of the rescue cats

Egyptair handlers managed to totally mess up the transportation a rescue cats from Egypt to America. They were transporting, in a cargo flight, 12 Egyptian street cats some of which were disabled. That’s not uncommon for Egyptian street cats as you might imagine because life is so hard in a country where there are …

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600 rescue cats and dogs in a Hercules C-130 plane in historic flight

Cat and dog rescue flight from Hawaii in C-130 Hercules plane

The charities involved have shipped 600 rescue cats and dogs from Hawaiian animal shelters in a Hercules C-130 plane to the US mainland in an historic operation. This is a really good photograph of cats on the tarmac at an Hawaiian airport by George F Lee. It shows the Hawaiian Humane Society admissions manager …

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Pilot saves the lives of 16,000 cats and dogs

Dr Rork and dog in cockpit

Dr Peter Rork has saved the lives of 16,000 dogs and cats by flying them to shelters where they can be more successfully adopted and away from those shelters where they are more likely to be unwanted. It’s about redistributing dogs across America to places where they are in more demand. A great service …

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