Singapore’s strict domestic cat ownership rules are ahead of the world

Singapore is ahead of the world on domestic cat ownership including licensing and general regulations

I am a fan of domestic cat licensing and regulation. I am a fan of using the law to force an improvement in domestic cat caregiving. This is to improve animal welfare and reduce the number of feral cats in the world. There is far too much feral cats suffering. Singapore is ahead of …

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Proactivity is the way to deal with feral cats in Australia

Take proactive steps to deal with Australia's feral cats

Australia’s Environment Minister, Tanya Plibersek, recently declared war on feral cats. I thought that Australia had been at war with feral cats for a very long time so this statement came as a surprise to me. They’ve been killing feral cats (and the occasional pet cat or dog) in Australia for many years as …

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Minimum age for cat or dog ownership UK and USA?

There’s a very different approach to youngsters owning cats in the United States and in the United Kingdom. In the latter the law is spelled out in a section of the country’s main animal welfare law: A person commits an offence if he sells an animal to a person whom he has reasonable cause …

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China’s zero-Covid policy contributed to high youth unemployment and great difficulty caring for pets

Down with Xi Jingpin

NEWS AND OPINION-CHINA: the current news about China, widely reported in the West, is that its economy is going through a tough time and there’s high youth unemployment. It appears that youth unemployment is so bad they’ve stopped publishing data about it. And there’s a link between the difficulty of being a pet owner …

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4 Australian cat owner attitudes to domestic cat containment or freedom to roam

A catio improves a cat's personality

My understanding of this study (see base of page) is that there are four reasons why Australian cat owners keep their cats inside their home. And there are five different ways of owning a cat in terms of containing them inside the home or allowing them outside. Australians have the highest domestic cat containment …

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He claims he spent $500k on a baby tiger

I spent $500,000 on a baby tiger today and we are not the same

Gavin Mayo on Twitter said: “I spent $500k on a baby tiger today. We are not the same”. Here is the video accompanying those words. So, what do you think? Stupid show off unconcerned or too ignorant to realise that his very expensive tiger cub came from somewhere. What about the tigress-to-cub bond? That’s …

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Who’s to blame when dog kills cat on the Sunshine Coast, Australia?

Sunshine coast Australia

There is a tortuously tricky decision to be made about which owner is liable in terms of criminal behaviour and compensation under a civil claim after a cat wandered onto a next-door neighbour’s property (front garden) and was killed by the dog living at that property on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. The complexity …

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Cats in German town under strict lockdown to save crested larks

Crested lark

COMMENT AND NEWS-WALLDORF, SOUTHWESTERN, GERMANY: The environmental officers of this German town have banned domestic cats from roaming free in an effort to stop them preying upon and eating crested larks during their breeding season. They said that their order would remain in force until September. People in breaches of the order would face …

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