Would Obligatory Sterilization of Domestic Cats Lead to Their Extinction?

It is an interesting thought. The authorities at various levels in several countries including at national level are considering introducing mandatory sterilization of domestic cats and linking it to mandatory micro-chipping. This way a database would be created and veterinarians would, in theory, be able to monitor the situation. The system would be voluntary. …

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Why Compulsory Sterilisation, Microchipping and Registration of Cats Might Not Work

Laws on cat ownership Brisbane and City of Gold Coast

In order to reduce the number of unwanted cats in various countries, the lawmakers are considering compulsory registration, micro-chipping and sterilisation. Will these laws work? To me, there seems to be two reasons why they may fail. The first is that there will always be a significant section of cat owners who will refuse …

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A Definition of “Nuisance Cat”

The Trustees of the town of Carbondale, Colorado, USA have passed an ordinance (a law) which defines “a nuisance cat”. The intention is to reduce the number of outside cats which includes strays becoming ferals. The definition: A nuisance cat is one which causes unprovoked personal injury, that wanders at large and whose owner …

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Should People Be Forced To Spay And Neuter Their Pets?

A city in Georgia, USA, is two weeks away from voting on a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance (law). Some residents would welcome the ordinance being passed, yet others feel it’s an invasion of privacy and their civil liberties. Whether or not laws need to be introduced to make pet owners more responsible is a contentious …

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