Out-of-cage time for cats and dogs at animal shelters

Out-of-cage time in shelters are clearly an important part of maintaining mental health

Nathan Winograd was the director of an open-admission animal control shelter. He is America’s best-known and best-informed shelter animal advocate. When he was a director of a shelter, he ensured that the animals in his care, both dogs and cats, were released from their cages during the day as follows: Dogs: a minimum four …

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NY Governor Kathy Hochul agrees that shelter animals ASSESSED as suffering mentally can be killed

Nathan Winograd, a US attorney and major animal welfare advocate, has written an open letter on Facebook to New York State’s governor, Kathleen Hochul, urging her to veto a proposed bill (S6870/A6246) in the state of New York (Companion Animal Care Standards Bill – now an Act – see below). Winograd argues that the …

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New York State: ‘mental suffering’ of shelter animal enough to euthanise ‘it’

Assemblywoman Amy Paulin appears to want to kill more shelter animals rather than 'shelter' them and find homes for them

New York State – News and comment: A controversial, proposed state law (bill) has been introduced by Assemblywoman Amie Paulin. It is legislation which would allow animal shelters to euthanise animals in their care who they think are suffering from psychological pain or ‘mental suffering’. How are they going to be able to assess …

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