Audio recording of Pen Farthing threatening MOD special adviser Peter Quentin

Pen Farthing and dogs at Nowzad

This is an interesting voice recording of Mr Paul ‘Pen’ Farthing, the founder and manager of the Nowzad animal rescue charity, who, with his cats and dogs, evacuated Afghanistan via Kabul airport on a privately chartered plane yesterday at 4:30 PM after an enormous effort. He claims that the MoD obstructed his evacuation and …

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Ruth’s Podcast: on cat declawing, a North American phenomenon

Monty scratching a tree in the backyard

This is Ruth’s second podcast from Wisconsin, USA. She provides insights into cat guardianship (aka ownership) in a country which has the world’s largest number of domestic cats and cat lovers. It is a very full and quite detailed personal account of why Ruth rejected declawing and learned about the complications of the operation …

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Speaking with an Australian lady about feral cats and Australia’s native species

Lilly a cat living with Sharon an Australian woman

This is an audio recording of my discussion with Sharon who is an Australian woman living in Melbourne, Australia. She also has a home on French Island which is not that far from Melbourne (see map below). French Island is largely a nature reserve and so it serves as a useful model to examine …

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Wow! Yvette has socialized over 700 feral cats (audio interview)

Yvette Harper with one of her cats

Yvette Harper is an extraordinary lady. She understands feral cats and knows that you never force along the process of socialization. It’s baby steps all the way otherwise you get knock-backs because cats lose the trust that has been patiently gained. She has being socialising feral cats for about four years. For those who …

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