Cat Memory: How Good Is It?

How good is a cat’s memory? This is an important question because it affects the behaviour of a cat and it can affect the way our cat interacts and relates to us. However, you will struggle to find solid information about cat memory on the Internet. This page, therefore, is based upon what I can …

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Cat Intelligence

Intro Smartest Cat Breeds Dog Smarter than Cat? Memory test Popular Science Monthly 1891 Click here to see visitors’ submissions Introduction The intelligence of a cat is a pivotal factor in how people relate to the domestic cat. Sadly, a lot of people dislike cats. A lot of people hurt cats thinking the cat is, …

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Cat Dexterity

I don’t think people think about cat dexterity that much (dexterity: “skill and grace in physical movement, especially in the use of the hands; adroitness.” – The Free Dictionary). The skills of a cat using paw and eye coordination with finely tuned muscle control are somewhat hidden or played down. But they are there. It’s …

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