Comparing cat and dog ages with human age in a table (and more)

Cat and dog age comparison to human age

It is perhaps quite interesting to compare how both cats and dogs age in comparison to humans. You’ll see a lot of cat age charts compared to human age and likewise you’ll see the same for dogs but how about a direct cat to dog comparison? There are complications! There would be wouldn’t there. …

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Working out a domestic cat’s age from appearance

Young rescue cat estimated to be 12 months old

It is more difficult to work out a domestic cat’s age from appearance than it is to do the same thing with humans. Normally, most people can work out a human’s age from appearance to within 5-10 years, which as a percentage of their lifespan is about 10%. To hit that target for cats …

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Infographic cat age calculator

Cat age calculator in an infographic

A lot has been written about comparing cat age with human age so we can get a feel for the age of our cat companions on our terms. Back in the day there was a simple formula: multiple the cat’s age by 7 to get their human age equivalent. But this is not accurate …

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Rescue needed: 13-year-old declawed beauty is ‘shutting down’ at rural Georgia shelter

Update September 28, 2017: Mr. Kool has left the shelter after being rescued by Serenity for Seniors and has eaten some Rachel Ray cat food. Updates can be found on their Facebook page. This senior beauty is running out of time at a rural Georgia shelter and needs your help. Mr. Kool is almost …

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