White cats glow in the dark! But have you ever seen it?

Leopard skin glows under UV light as it is flourescent

News media are reporting on a study which says that cats are fluorescent and therefore they glow in the dark. But I don’t understand this report. It does not make sense to me at all. The study says that many animals emit fluorescent light. Fluorescence is the emission of light by a substance which …

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The claws of wild and domestic cats (infographic)

Black Oriental Shorthair bred in Russia wants to get down as his breeder holds him for a video

Together with the cat’s athleticism, their claws and teeth define the cat because they are essential to their predatory nature. The cat is a top predator and they live with us when domesticated. It’s remarkable in many ways that humans should so successfully live with such a devastating predator. The relationship isn’t always successful …

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Don’t modify something that is perfect – the domestic cat!

Don't modify the perfect domestic cat

The domestic cat’s wildcat ancestor has evolved over about 2 million years. The domestic cat is almost identical to their wildcat ancestor, the North African wildcat. Two million years of evolution has created a near perfect predatory machine with beautiful anatomy, fabulous senses and hunting and jumping skills. The domestic cat is nature’s finely …

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Infographic on the reasons why cats scratch armchairs

Cat scratching furniture

This is a hugely debated topic on the internet and has been for years so nothing new here except this is a free-to-use infographic covering the main points. For me the last point in the infographic is the most important. When the family cat destroys a favorite armchair, I understand the consternation. It is …

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Infographic on cats ‘sharpening their claws’ (scratching)

Cat sharpening claws (scratching)

This is an infographic on a form of feline behaviour which is extensively discussed online and extensively carried out by cats! Cat scratching to ‘sharpen their claws’ is the cause of much consternation among a big section of the cat owning society leading on many occasions in North America to that barbaric veterinary operation …

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Nice photo of a cat’s claws with whiskers in the background

Good photo of a cat's claws

This nicely visualised photo of a cat’s claws with whiskers in the background caught my eye today. It is important to celebrate the anatomy of the domestic cat. A cat’s claws are a major part of the cat. They are not an annoying piece of anatomy to be removed at the whim of the …

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