Pro Declaws in Denial

Since joining the anti declaw ranks I have been called many things including crazy and had quite a few threats too, but I had never been called a stalker before I commented on a heated debate on a facebook page! … please continue reading

Are Pro Declaw People Afraid of Claws?

This is a follow up to my previous article: Hatred or Fear of Cats, where Michael said in a comment: ‘I think there is a subliminal fear of claws which might go back to the beginnings of the human species … please continue reading

Declawing created a cat from hell

This is a very instructional video about the impact that declawing can have on a cat’s behaviour and health. It is such a classic. A genuine cat expert, Jackson Galaxy (exotic name, sensible thinking), properly analysed this sweet looking Himalayan … please continue reading

Declaw Bouquets and Brickbats for Veterinarians

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra Definition of a virtual bouquet: A compliment or expression of praise. Definition of a virtual brickbat: A remark or comment that is highly critical and typically insulting. Rose’s thoughts on another page about Pine Grove Animal … please continue reading

Cat Scratching a Scratching Post Pictures

This is about cat scratching. Valley Girl (VG), in America, took a very nice picture of her super, rescued, polydactyl, smokey, female Maine Coon, Tootsie, with a ruff to match anything from 16th century Europe. She has the best ruff … please continue reading