Saved from the side of the road this steely-eyed boy cat quickly found a home

I love this cat rescue photograph for two main reasons. The eyes are a textured, steely gray. What I mean…

3 days ago

Turkish Angora Mix and Calico Siamese Mix are both sparkling blue-eyed beauties

The blue eyes of Atlas and Trico crackle and sparkle. There is almost a texture in them. I am not…

2 weeks ago

The best example of cat odd-eyes that you’ll see

No one wanted this stunning odd-eyed Scottish Fold on offer online. I suspect that the reason is because Scottish Folds…

2 weeks ago

Do domestic cats prefer light or dark?

The question is asking whether domestic cats prefer the amount of light encountered in daytime or at night. There is…

4 weeks ago

Why are cat pupils slits?

My research and my own thoughts have brought me to the conclusion that there are two reasons why cat pupils…

3 months ago

Do cats have binocular vision?

Cats must have binocular vision because they have two eyes working in unison to create one image in the brain.…

5 months ago

Pictures of odd-eyed hairless cats are eye-catching

Rosie and Poppy live with Sarah Jenkins who lives in the US. Sarah is a teacher and she decided to…

5 months ago

Picture of a beautiful cat with eyes the colour and texture of the sun

A picture of a beautiful cat with eyes the colour and texture of the sun. Domestic eyes can be stunning.

6 months ago

Do cats have eyebrows?

Web surfers ask Google the esoteric question: "do cats have eyebrows?". It is a slightly pointless question but a number…

2 years ago

What colors do cats see?

Cats see in color like humans but they are color blind like some color blind people. The most common form…

2 years ago