Domestic cats walk differently when they are pregnant

Waddling pregnant cat

Obviously, domestic cats continue to walk around the home when they are pregnant but as the pregnancy progresses and their body changes, they adapt their gait accordingly. The mother-to-be may adopt a wider stance, take smaller steps and waddle as you see in the video on this page. It’s always wise to consult with …

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Why are cats digitigrade?

Cats are digitigrades as they walk on their toes as is beautifully illustrated in this picture of a Siamese cat

All cats are digitigrade; that is, they walk on their toes. You probably know this. Incidentally, they walk with a direct register gait which means that the paw prints made by the forelegs are occupied by the paw prints made by the hind legs as the cat walks forwards. The distal phalange (phalanx) of …

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Direct Register Cat Gait

Direct register cat gait

The image explains the direct register cat gait: The cat is walking in sand which makes tracking the paws very clear and easy. It shows that this cat’s hind paws are placed in the exact place vacated by the forepaw on the same side. As the cat trots the gait is diagonal and similar …

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