Albinism in cats infographic

albino cat eye color

This is an infographic which summarises albinism in cats. Rarely you will see albino wild and domestic cats. You will see quite a lot of people confusing cats that are completely white with blue eyes or odd-eye colour caused by the dominant white gene and albino cats with light-blue to pink eyes. The eyes are a good way to tell the difference. There are more articles with a reference to albinism below the infographic

Tailless domestic cats can have litter box issues

Manx cat

The San Antonio Express-News has a letter from a visitor which discusses a kitten living in Houston with her owner who had an extremely small stub of a tail. The kitten had trouble controlling her urinary flow. The kitten was seen by a veterinarian who she said that cats with vestigial tails have bladder …

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Sweet Kanga Roo: a cat with radial hypoplasia and a full, happy life

Kanga Roo

This is a super sweet cat suffering from a congenital condition called radial hypoplasia (also known as radial agenesis – see image by Sarah Hartwell at base of page). At one time there was an attempt to turn this unfortunate condition into a cat breed (‘Twisty Cats’ or ‘Squitten‘), believe it or not (but not …

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Siamese Cat Kinked Tail

At page 47 of Charles Darwin’s book, “The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication,” vol.1, he writes that throughout the area of the Malayan Archipelago, Siam (Thailand), Pequan (not sure where that is – it’s an outdated name) and ‘Burmah’ (Myanmar), “all the cats have truncated tails about half the proper length, often …

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World’s Ugliest Cat?

“Ugs” – the world’s ugliest cat? No. There is no such cat. Do you think this is the world’s ugliest cat? That is what they say. I don’t. Does that make me the world’s strangest person? I don’t think there is such a thing as an ugly cat. What some people might see as …

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