Left-handedness is much more common in cats than in humans. Why and what?

Left-handed cat

Although there isn’t a complete agreement on the percentage of left-handed (left-pawed) cats, one source states, ‘when it comes to using their paws to catch or manoeuvre something, cat are usually left-pawed or ambidextrous; only 20 per cent are right-pawed’ (The Cat Expert). Another source (Dr Deborah Wells and Sarah Millsopp of Queen’s University …

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Maru is Probably Right-handed!

Maru, the famous box-loving cat, is “probably right-handed” although he likes to use his mouth directly rather than scoop out the food (see video). Maru’s amusing caretaker conducted an experiment for both her cats, Maru and Hana. You can see it in the video below. It seems to me that Maru is probably ambidextrous …

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