Infographic on caracal description


I don’t need to add many words here as the infographic says all that I’d like to say about this very popular medium-sized wild cat species. In America there is considerable interest in the caracal as a pet. They are attractive. For the medium-sized wild cats the caracal and serval are the two most …

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What’s faster: greyhound or cheetah?

Cheetah versus greyhound speed

The question asks if the top speed of the greyhound is faster than that of the cheetah or vice versa. Therefore, I’m not going to go into a long discussion about the endurance and acceleration of these two animals (but see below). I’m simply going to set down for the record what I think …

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Four paw pics

Canada lynx with huge paws

Here are four paw pics. The first shows a magnificent example of a Canada lynx. This is a great example of the species. The paws are especially impressive. They are normally large in relation to the overall size but these are amazing. The fur covering the paws is dense and long. The paws can …

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I’m getting a polydactyl kitten this week. Aside from extra toes, are there any other things I need to worry about?

Polydactyl cat

A visitors asks, “I’m getting a polydactyl kitten this week aside from extra toes, are there any other things I need to worry about? The answer is probably known to most cat owners which is that there is nothing to worry about other than the usual things when looking after a domestic cat. …

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How many toes do cats have?

Cat's Claws

“How many toes do cats have?” is a question that people ask on the Internet. The answer is 18. Five toes on each of the cat’s forepaws and four on the hind paws. Genetic Abnormality Most of us are now aware of a genetic abnormality which leads to more than the usual number of …

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