Cat Anatomy

What is male cat spray made of?

However, the 'active ingredients' in respect of smell for marking purposes are a couple of unusual amino acids namely felinine…

2 days ago

Do cats see ultraviolet light?

The question in the title is probably meant to mean: do cats see objects under ultraviolet light only? For humans,…

2 weeks ago

Do cats have binocular vision?

Cats must have binocular vision because they have two eyes working in unison to create one image in the brain.…

2 weeks ago

Can cats see infrared light?

Cats cannot see infrared light because it is not part of the visible spectrum. In this way cats are identical…

3 weeks ago

Should a cat have a cold wet nose?

I guess we are discussing domestic cats. I ask because the title was created by Google based on real searches.…

3 weeks ago

What is cat fur made of?

The fur coat of a cat is made up of between 3-30 million hair strands. The calculation is difficult to…

4 weeks ago

Pictures of odd-eyed hairless cats are eye-catching

Rosie and Poppy live with Sarah Jenkins who lives in the US. Sarah is a teacher and she decided to…

4 weeks ago

Direct Register Cat Gait

The image explains the direct register cat gait: The cat is walking in sand which makes tracking the paws very…

4 weeks ago

Picture of a beautiful cat with eyes the colour and texture of the sun

A picture of a beautiful cat with eyes the colour and texture of the sun. Domestic eyes can be stunning.

1 month ago

Do these weird Snapchat cat filter videos show that domestic cats pass the mirror test?

The mirror test is when you look in the mirror and recognise yourself. You are self-aware. Cats can't do it.…

1 month ago