Domestic cats can discriminate their own name from other words

Attentive cat responding

Domestic cats can tell the difference between different sounds and if one of those sounds is the sound of their name the domestic cat will distinguish it from other sounds thereby recognising her name. This a major finding in a Japanese study: Domestic cats (Felis catus) discriminate their names from other words. I don’t …

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Cats are not aloof, it is just that you’re not paying attention

Aloof cat?

There is an element of common sense in the conclusions of this study by researchers at Oregon State University. As I understand it, if a cat owner is paying attention to their cat i.e. is in an “attentional state” then their cat will not be aloof or less likely to be aloof. The word …

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Why cats are second class citizens in a cat and dog home

There is a general agreement amongst us that in a home where there are cat and dog companions, cats can sometimes be treated as second class citizens to the dog who is first class and on a par with the humans. Why is this? This is my instant answer which is open for criticism …

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Cats are aloof? No, we have misplaced ideas!

I’ll be honest. It irritates me to read descriptions of the domestic cat as “aloof”. The domestic cat is not aloof. People are (incorrectly) comparing cats to dogs and concluding that, in comparison, a cat is more independent and less needy than a dog.  People construe these attributes as being “aloof”. But do we …

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