‘Needy’ cats are a natural consequence of cat domestication

This short post came to me while I was out buying the paper. 😉 Sometimes domestic cats are gently criticised for being too needy. What this means is that they are constantly approaching their owner, getting underfoot, demanding to be allowed onto their owner’s lap and generally instigating interactions all the time which might …

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5 reasons for attention-seeking in cats and how they might achieve it

Attention-seeking meow of gargantuan proportions

When a cat seeks attention, they meow and/or attract attention through contact. That is pretty obvious but what is perhaps not quite so obvious is that each individual cat has developed their own version of the meow to be effective under their particular circumstances with their human caregiver. The good cat owner develops an …

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Cat pushes kitchen knife under bathroom door in protest when cat sitter goes to toilet

Below, I sum up the story about a cat who threatened (if it was a person it would be) his cat sitter by pushing a knife under the bathroom door. It’s on video. This means that the cat sitter who was on the toilet in the bathroom took her phone with her and was …

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