Best and worst cat breeds on 10 characteristics as the British Shorthair comes out on top (Infographic)

Blue British Shorthair at a cat show

Well, this is an infographic showing the best and worst cat breeds with respect to 10 different characteristics. I think people who are considering adopting a purebred, pedigree cat will find it interesting. The infographic is entirely based on one study: Breed differences of heritable behaviour traits in cats. It was conducted by Milla …

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Does a multi-cat lifestyle lead to more negative human-cat interactions?

The question in the title asked whether cats living in multi-cat homes tend to have more negative interactions with their owner compared to single cats living in the home with their owner. I can rely on the results of a study for the answer but I can’t really add a lot of detail as …

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Cat savaged by 2 dogs makes muffins when petted

Buddy making muffins while petted despite his injuries

NEWS AND COMMENT-PHILADELPHIA: I want to focus on the good part of this unpleasant story. It is a story of good and bad, of goodness and evil. I see it as a paradigm example of animal cruelty in which on the one hand you have the young male perpetrators who arguably didn’t really know …

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Is Millie the perfect domestic cat?

She is everything a person could wish for in a domestic cat companion. Just everything. Instant friendliness and she was a stray so could easily have been cautious and held back. She is very tolerant to change. She is adaptable to circumstances. She is courageous in following when her human guardian walks. She is …

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Woman does not like cats because they are really mean, arrogant and flippant

Cats are mean arrogant and flippant

She also believes that cats are flippant, arrogant and a bit too proud. And you can’t train them. Oh, and she does not like hairless cats. These are the reasons why she doesn’t like cats. So let’s have a discussion about them. Mean Meanness is a lack of generosity or miserliness. How can a …

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