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Feline love bite kitten style

Can cats show affection by biting?

I’m discussing domestic cats because the question must be asking about domestic cats. It is an interesting question and it seems to be hinting at the possibility that domestic cats can sometimes deliver a...

I catch a cold from my cat?

Do cats fancy humans?

Yes, domestic cats can fancy humans! That is my bold decision after researching the question and thinking about it. I think you have to inject a bit of science into the answer. I don’t...

Domestic cat slow blink due to contentment

Cat slow blink meaning

The meaning of the domestic cat’s slow blink is a signal, through body language, that the cat trusts and is relaxed in the presence of the person to whom the blink is directed. That’s...

Cat to dog love behavior

Tackling the size difference in cat dog love

The size differences that the domestic cat has to put up with in their relationships with other species of animal that they are affectionate towards does result in specific behaviours. This video is an...

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