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Can cats smile. What do you think?

Can cats smile?

An often-asked question in relation to domestic cats is, “Can cats smile?” It is a question about feline emotions as you can’t smile unless you are happy, a basic emotion. The experts and the...

Happy cat

Cat signs of contentment versus sadness

It might be useful to compare the signs of contentment versus the signs of sadness in domestic cats. These are emotions at the extremes. Therefore, there should be a big apparent difference between how...

Cat smile

Looks like a cat smile to me

This looks like a cat smile. Cats don’t really smile or if they do it is amazingly subtle. In fact the whole topic of cats smiling is deeply philosophical! Do they smile at all...

Trusting kitten

Do cats trust their owners?

Yes and no is my answer. I don’t think the answer is straightforward. Firstly, a cat has to be fully socialised to become a domestic cat who is able to accept living in a...

Love Actually. Two Cats.

Love Actually. Two Cats.

This cat photograph is straight out of one of the great romance movies. I am thinking of Brief Encounter. It is in the eye contact and placing the paw up to his face. I’ll...

How do you know when cats are happy?

How do you know when cats are happy?

You’ll know when your cat is happy if you are a committed and observant cat guardian. However, we don’t really know for sure that cats feel the full range of the emotion of happiness....

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