Do cats know when they are doing something wrong?

Have I done something wrong?

Do cats know when they are doing something wrong? I am referring to domestic cats. This is a philosophical question and as I am not a philosopher I’ll employ common sense as I see it. The first point to make is that the question refers to “doing something wrong”. This in fact means that …

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Cats Are Incapable of Feeling Guilt

The emotion of guilt requires that a person is able to compare what she has done to the standards that she has set herself. It’s a comparison of our actions with reference to our moral standards. The emotion of guilt requires a degree of self-awareness. Whether or not cats can be self-aware, I think, …

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Do cats feel guilty when they’ve been bad?

Can cats feel the emotion of guilt? Most cat companions have experienced this: you leave the room, and soon you hear the sound of breaking glass. When you investigate, your cat is standing in front of your favorite collectible looking VERY guilty. So, do you believe cats feel guilt, or do they simply respond …

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