Why won’t my cat stop meowing at night?

I am going to answer the question without reference to books or the internet. I think I can do this because there is a common sense element to this question. Disagree? Tell me. Don’t hold back! The problem is inherent in the human to cat relationship. We are different species with very different habits. …

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UK: More than half of cat owners cuddle their cats to calm them down

In the UK, Cats Protection’s survey concluded that more than 50% of cat owners cuddled their cat to calm her/him down. This is often not the correct response, to be honest. In fact, some research indicates that some cats find being cuddled or petted stressful. The picture below shows us that cats have facial …

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Too Many Cats In Urban Areas Stresses Cats

What Dr Sarah Ellis, a cat behaviourist, is saying may surprise cat owners because in general we see our cats looking content, snoozing and being well fed but she says that our cats are more troubled than we think; they are stressed because there are so many cats they are unable to indulge in …

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