Do wild cats have the same problem with hairballs that domestic cats do?

Male lion grooming

Do wild cats have hairballs? There are two initial points to make about this question. Firstly, it is not the sort of topic covered in the best technical books on the wild cat species. Secondly, all cats, domestic and wild, behave in essentially the same way and therefore wild cat species groom themselves just …

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Domestic cats lick fur instinctively

Cat licking another cat's fur (2)

My belief is that domestic cats lick fur instinctively by which I mean without conscious thought. It just happens. This goes against the grain of what we want to believe. You’d have thought that cats would have some conscious control over self-grooming and allogrooming (licking another cat). With respect to grooming another cat there …

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Itchy Kitties: Cats that Self-Groom Excessively

Cats are both predators and prey. As an instinctual survival strategy, to avoid detection they are extremely fastidious about their personal hygiene. Amazingly, cats can spend up to 50% of each day self-grooming. There are times however, when cats overdo this fastidious behavior and begin over-grooming; a behavior which can result in open skin …

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Bezo-Pet paste for digestive tract lubrication

Suzy mentioned TigerLily’s problem with hairballs. Long haired cats can have problems with hairballs. They can cause obstructions. For Charlie (my cat) hairballs seem to have grazed the lining of his lower intestine or at least inflammed it slightly. He is a shorthaired cat with a single coat but he was grooming too much …

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