What does ‘cat bunting’ mean?

Feline allorubbing

Conclusion My understanding of these two feline terms, ‘butting’ and ‘bunting’ is that the former is a sign of friendship (but does not deposit scent) while the latter is about depositing scent, for scent marking, from scent glands in the cat’s head but this too is a sign of friendship when the scent is …

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Hardest domestic cat head-butt on YouTube?

Savannah cat head butt

Cat head-butting happens a lot. It is scent exchange and friendship reinforcement. I believe this is the hardest domestic cat head-butt on YouTube! Therefore it is the hardest. If someone can disprove that statement, I’d be pleased. The cat is Titan – an F1 Savannah. This short video is an extract from an earlier …

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Cats are Aloof. Discuss

Online newspaper reporters continually state that cats are “aloof”. This is patently incorrect. The reporters don’t have an opinion because they often have no experience of caring for a cat. They unthinkingly recycle what has often been repeated before. If you like or love a cat and, as a consequence, through constant interaction and …

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