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Do female cats bleed i.e. have periods?

Do cats stay in heat after they get pregnant?

No, cats do not stay in heat after they get pregnant. The more technical word for “heat” is oestrus (estrus in America) which is the period of sexual receptivity. During oestrus the queen (unspayed...

Do female cats bleed i.e. have periods?

Do female cats bleed (when in estrus)

The question in the title is a roundabout way of asking if female cats have periods. As female cats come into heat in cycles (the estrus cycle) we have to make sure we understand...

Cat in heat

When is a female cat in season?

When a female cat is ‘in season’ she is ready to mate (in heat) and this readiness is dependent upon the season (i.e. winter, spring, summer and fall). Queens (intact females) vary at which...

Female cat as a queen

Why is a female cat called a queen?

Because she behaves like a queen towards courtiers, the people who attend the court of a monarch. When a female cat is on heat – a period called ‘estrus’ and the time during which...

Pretty female Ragdoll cat

Do female cats go through kitty menopause?

Female cats who have not been spayed are fertile and sexually active all their lives. Therefore they do not go through the menopause. That is the short answer. Dr Bruce Fogle makes an interesting...

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