Cat owners should take this opportunity to work with ornithologists

Adult male kōkako feeding on the ground. Image © Suzi Phillips by Suzi Phillips

When reasonable and possible cat lovers should work with bird lovers on conservation. Cat lovers can’t fight with ornithologists indefinitely. Some ornithologists dislike cats and I understand that. But it is unwise to allow the quiet war between cat lovers … please continue reading

The true story of the extinction of New Zealand’s Stephens Island Wren by feral cats

Stephens Island and the Wren

Cats – domestic, stray and, at the end of the day, feral – caused the extinction of the Stephens Island Wren, a small, flightless bird. It took under two years. Yes, cats made this bird extinct in around 20 months. … please continue reading

Queen Elizabeth the Second bans cats from Sandringham estate

Pheasant killing cats banned from Sandringham estate by order of the Queen

It is said that the Queen of England is allergic to cats. It is also said that her staff at the Sandringham estate are killing accidentally or deliberately wandering outside domestic cats because they threaten young pheasants. Pheasants are shot … please continue reading

Picture of tabby cat and his killed pigeon

Cat hunting birds

This is a high quality picture of my cat and the pigeon that he killed while I was out at the gym. He kills pigeons by suffocating them with a throat bite much like lions killing large prey. Usually domestic … please continue reading

This statement is incorrect: “cats cause extinction of 33 species”

Cat predation studies

“Cats cause the extinction of 33 species” is an often quoted line. It’s everywhere, even on Wikipedia and the BBC. Although Wikipedia makes the factual and unconditional statement: “Their [cats] introduction has caused the extinction of at least 33 endemic … please continue reading