Should I rub my cat’s nose in his pee?

Cat pee under black light

You should not rob your cat’s nose in his pee no matter what he has done to urinate inappropriately. They won’t have a clue what is going on except that it is a bad and frightening experience. The same applies to pooping inappropriately and the same applies to dogs in both cases. The rule …

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Did bleaching the kitchen sink make my cat deposit urine near it?

Bleach made my cat pee?

This is very peculiar. We know that household bleach, which is sodium hypochlorite, is an attractant for a majority of domestic cats. It makes them react in a similar way to catnip or at least they are very interested in it. No? My cat certainly falls into that category. When I put bleach down …

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Woman living near Toronto Canada says that her front door is a toilet for cats

You wouldn’t believe it. This woman, Monika Nelson, who lives in the Town of Orangeville, says that her front door is a toilet for cats and she has complained to the local authority and they can’t or won’t do anything about it. She’s tried cat repellent without success. She says that one cat routinely …

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The top cat behaviour problems are all to do with people

Bad cat? Difficult cat? Probably not. More likely: inadequate cat caretaker.

In 2003 (I know it’s quite a long time ago) the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors published information about behaviour problems in cats in its annual review. It provides information on the incidence of feline behaviour problems, the types of problems and the breeds of cat responsible for these reported problems. In my opinion, …

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How do I get my cat to stop pooping in my bath tub?

Cat playing in bathtub and not pooping

This is a question about “inappropriate elimination”. That’s a euphemism because from the cat’s perspective the elimination is appropriate because he or she is probably anxious, fearful and stressed because of a specific reason. Anxiety and fear are often the main factors driving cats to defecate indoors outside the litter tray. Dr Bradshaw in …

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Hyperthyroid cat pooping on kitchen floor. Why?

Janice Turner

Janice Turner, columnist and interviewer for The Times newspaper, tells us in the Thursday edition of the newspaper that she is having ‘pet problems’. Specifically, her previously fastidious, 15-year-old cat, who has hyperthyroidism, started to poop on the kitchen floor when he used the garden before. She says that every morning he leaves a …

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Sudden change in pooping habits. The poop is right next to her litter box

This title to this post describes a cat behavior problem which is fairly commonly encountered except I have specified a particular type of ‘inappropriate elimination’. Let’s remind ourselves that ‘inappropriate elimination’ means inappropriate for us. That is obvious. From the cat’s perspective what she is doing is appropriate and a preference. In this instance …

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