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Male cat raising kittens

Do male domestic cats kill kittens?

The question is specific in that it refers to ‘domestic cats’. This is quite a complicated question because there are a wide range of circumstances which may lead to a male cat killing a...

Unsterilised or late sterilised male cat

Do male feral cats kill kittens?

Yes, sometimes male feral cats (and unowned domestic cats) do kill kittens normally for the same reasons that male lions commit infanticide. I’m going to rely on two sources for the information. The first...

Domestic cat infanticide

Cat species that commit infanticide

There are five cat species which commit infanticide which is defined as the ‘intentional killing of infants’. On this page I am referring to the adults of cat species who kill their infants (filicide)...

Male Savannah cat one year of age

Do male cats kill and eat kittens?

Do male cats kill and eat kittens? I think you have to answer this question in two parts but a study has found that males do kill but not eat kittens sometimes – please...

Female Cat Eats Sickly Offspring

Female Cat Eats Sickly Offspring

Sometimes, female cats eat one or more of their offspring if they are sick or carry a genetic defect. Eva made this comment recently and it got me thinking: A cat gave birth near...

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