Do cats apologise to their owners when they’ve done something wrong?

Do cats apologise?

A ‘veterinary expert’ in Miami, USA, Nuria Gómez Constanzo, believes that cats apologise to their caregivers when they’ve done something wrong. They understand they’ve done something wrong and then they try and make up by rubbing against their owners and being extra friendly towards them as their version of an apology. My conclusion at …

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Social media user asks “How do you discipline a cat without hitting him?”

A user on the website asks what I consider to be an inappropriate question about cat caregiving namely, “How do you discipline a cat without hitting them?” The woman (Julia) considered hitting her cat to discipline him. I responded by saying that her cat is very unhappy living in her small apartment and …

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Why are cats so creepy sometimes?

Why are cats creepy sometimes?

You see the question in the title from time to time on the Internet. Obviously, some people think domestic cats are creepy, which is sad. They are not creepy but we have to respect those who think they are. The kind of person who might think cats are creepy are those who might be …

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Why do cats sleep in their litter box?

Cat sleeping in their litter box because they are stressed

The main reason why a domestic cat might sleep in their litter box – as shown in the photograph below – is because it strongly smells of their scent due to the presence of poop residue (after it has been cleaned) which means that it is a reassuring place to them. This will be …

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This behavior unfairly gave the cat the false reputation of sneering at people

Flehmen response in a domestic cat

Until the internet really took hold and began to genuinely educate millions of cat owners about cat behaviour, there was a misconception about a strange aspect of feline behavior when every so often a cat would be seen to pause and adopt a curious sneering expression as if disgusted about something or that the …

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Can someone explain to me why my cat just sits and stares at me for a long time?

The full question from is: “Can someone explain to me why my cat will just sit and stare at me for minutes at a time? What does this mean in a cat’s world?” It accompanied the photograph below that they took from their bed. This is an extended version of the response that …

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Cat redirected aggression or pain-induced aggression

Cat redirected aggression

Dr Fogle calls redirected aggression pain-induced aggression (it is also referred to as ‘transferred aggression’). I have not seen that alternative term before. It seems to me that the pain that is induced can be either physical or emotional. Although Fogle means that it is physical pain. He thinks that it might happen as …

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