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Cat licks you for 3 reasons

3 main reasons why your cat licks you

People ask: “Why do cats lick you?”. There are three main reasons in my opinion. The first is this. Humans are surrogate mothers to their cats. This places them in a mental state of...

Cat wearing an Elizabathan collar to prevent licking of a wound

Should a cat lick their wounds?

The question in the title and another: why do cats lick their wounds? are linked. Cats and dogs lick their wounds because it helps to alleviate pain in my opinion. I’ve seen a fox...

Cat licks can cure acne?

Cat licks can cure acne?

This Indonesian woman, Dinda, believes that the licks from her cat cures her acne. It begs the question whether cat licks are a general cure for acne hence the question in the title. Her...

Cat licking hand of person

Why is your cat licking you?

By now, with the advent of the internet as a major source of information, I would expect that 90% of cat owners know the answer to this question but it may be useful to...

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