You might not like your cat’s loving licks

Cat licking human hand in an act of affection is nice but some people might dislike it.

Domestic cats often instinctively lick their human caregiver on the hand and sometimes the face. It is called allogrooming. It is a friendly behavior that we see between cat buddies and as cats see us as buddies because we care for them, they lick us too. There are some other reasons why cats lick …

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Is it okay to lick my cat?

Woman licks her cat as she wants to behavior like a true cat mom

Is the question relevant to our lives? People ask it nonetheless. But frankly it is almost irrelevant. However, exceedingly rarely some cat owners do lick their cat and an avowed and self-declared crazy cat lady does it all the time because she wants to behave like a true mother cat caring for her newborn …

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